The inspiration to create the brand was observation of the generation Y (named Millenials). The rigidity of urban life does not stop the body from its natural desires and aspirations. The metropolitan environment is full of temptations and technologies, which we allow to succumb to at any time by having constant contact with them. Gaberon is the essence of the contemporary style of a „citizen of the world”. Inspired by the digitisation of culture, visual art and optical graphic design. One of the innovations proposed by the brand is to put hidden „power bank” in the outerwear.

By drawing energy from its closest surroundings, a city dweller saturates, acquires and creates the world on its own terms. His DNA is cosmopolitan. His DNA is transferred to a system of silver and black elements in a zipper. His DNA is locked in the details of the collection.

Gaberon is a tribute to human vitality existing in the energy of the earth, as a force that can never be tamed. He embodies what is carnal and earthly – enclosed in the name of the brand – a compilation of Latin names of minerals: Gabro and Carbon.