In 1989 Donna Karan was inspired by her daughter to create a wardrobe of clothes for the many aspects of a modern, urban and fashionable woman’s lifestyle. DKNY, as its name indicates, suggests the energy and spirit of New York – easy to wear clothes for the weekend, morning or evening. DKNY always offers a unique mix of styles, designed for different generations across the world.

From Milan to Dubai, the spirit of New York has a place in whichever city you happen to call home. We are continuing to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity that New York stands for through sharing unique stories that all add up to 100% DKNY. Brand will export the energy and confidence that New York city exudes to customers around the globe, through a dynamic digital-first campaign as well as customization experiences throughout the season.

The DKNY fashion vision:

• Urban
• Practical
• Eclectic
• Fashion
• Graphic

A combination of the adult styles: Chic from DKNY and Casual from DKNY JEANS. Colour, material and ambiances inspired by the adult lines. Clothing in the heart of trends and easy to wear in all circumstances.


New York and everything that the Big Apple represents: a melting-pot, energy, liberty, musical and artistic influences and an eclectic style.